28 October 2005

Maher: “Judith Miller Genuine Draft: It's brewed at the White House and cold-filtered through the New York Times. ”

Bill Maher :: The Official Website

This excerpt from the Bill Maher show explains best her cunticity:

From the 10/28 show

MAHER: Yeah, and it's rubbed off. What about the New York Times? Now, they're in a bit of trouble because of this scandal. We talked about them here on the show last week. Do you think that's damaging to this very esteemed paper, that they were involved in basically misleading a lot of people?

THOMAS: All the newspapers were, in that sense.

MAHER: Yeah, but all the newspapers aren't the “paper of record.” All the newspapers aren't trusted by, especially, the liberals in this country. And as I was saying last week, when the liberals read something in the New York Times that's supportive of a conservative administration, we tend to go, well, then it must be true.

From the 10/21 show:

MAHER: [overlapping]—I don't think she should have gone to jail at all. I think she went to jail as a smokescreen, because everybody, she thought, would say, “Well, she went to jail; she's a martyr; we'll ignore this other stuff.” But, you know what? I think you're right, Spike. [applause] The – in a backhanded way, it's a compliment to the New York Times. Because if—

CARLSON: But don't you think you should get some perspective, like, on life? It's a newspaper. It's a daily, metropolitan newspaper. It's not the Congress. It's not – right? I mean, it's not the Pentagon. It doesn't have the power, really, to do anything.

LEE: So New York Times has no weight in the world today?

CARLSON: No, it has a lot of weight, but it only has the weight you give it.

LEE: Whoa, whoa.

MAHER: [overlapping] The New York – but the whole country gives it that weight.


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