25 November 2005

Embedding and the Road to Disgrace: The Bob and Judy Show

PopPolitics.com: Embedding and the Road to Disgrace: The Bob and Judy Show:

"When the Pentagon first announced its plan to “embed” reporters into military units, back in those heady days shortly before the beginning of the War in Iraq, when visions of weapons of mass destruction and flower throwing Iraqis were still dancing in Neocon heads, the idea was widely described in the press as a major innovation; it wasn’t, of course. It was merely the next logical step in a process that had long since become standard operating procedure in the Bush Administration’s relationship with the media.

Judith Miller, for example, became embedded in the Bush Administration’s war machine beginning almost immediately following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Bob Woodward signed on somewhat later. From its inception, the relationship between the White House and these two Alpha journalists was a symbiotic one: To the aging media luminaries, the relationship offered the insider access that is the most coveted of all prizes in today’s lazier-than-a-pig-wallowing-in-mud-non-investigative-journalism. And with access came goodies: Front page stories in The Times for Miller; rich book deals for Woodward."


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