21 March 2006

Judith Miller's New Excuse: The "slanderous" bloggers destroyed her.

Judith Miller's New Excuse - The former Times reporter tells Vanity Fair the "slanderous" bloggers destroyed her. By Jack Shafer:


Miller describes to Vanity Fair the process by which the Pajama People destroyed her:

The bloggers were without editing, without a way for people to understand what was good, what was well reported—to distinguish between the straight and the slanderous. Things would get instantly picked up, magnified, and volumized.

(Sounds more like what my hairdresser does with my thinning locks. But never mind.)

In Miller's mind, the bloggers not only poisoned her relationship with the Times brass but also with her colleagues, who, she says, "believed what they read on the blogs."


Blogger BigMitch said...

This evening some bloviating right-wing apologist was saying that Bush's linking of al Qaida to Saddam (which he falsely denied in Cleveland) should be excused because at the time, the same was being reported on the front page of the NYT. Gee, I wonder who would have written that article, and why? Clue one: rhymes with runt. Clue two: more hot tips from Scooter.

Visit the What we know so far ... blog,

" ... and tell 'em Big Mitch sent ya!"

11:10 PM  
Blogger james j. risser said...

mmm, how many guesses do i get???

9:10 PM  

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