08 April 2006

Miller Invited to View Torture of Terror Suspect in 1993 by Israel > More court time for Miller in Chicago

ABC7Chicago.com: Terror suspect alleges feds in Chicago covering up torture evidence:

"Oh, staff, pack my Luis Vuitton, I'm off to Chicago..."

Salah's lawyers claim the court is aware of the material and that prosecutors are engaged in a 'dishonest obstruction of justice,' that the court and prosecutors are constantly 'consulting with each other so that certain evidence remain secret, which leaves the defense in the dark..'

Salah's lawyers are now injecting controversial former New York Times reporter Judith Miller into the case, saying that in 1993 Israeli officials allowed her to witness the Salah interrogation, and therefore, the governments cannot claim material from what she witnessed is now suddenly classified.

Salah's lawyers want access to Israeli documents that would explain why Judith Miller was allowed to witness the Salah interrogation and even participate in it, playing the good cop as Israeli authorities played bad cop.

It is not the first time Miller is in the middle of a courtroom firestorm. Last year Miller served jail time for contempt of court after refusing to disclose her sources in the White House leaks case.


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