17 May 2006

'NY Times' and 'Time' Will Let Judge Review Plame Notes

'NY Times' and 'Time' Will Let Judge Review Plame Notes:

The Post also stated that 'much of yesterday's hearing concerned the notebooks of former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who spoke three times with Libby about Wilson's work in June and July 2003 and made repeated reference in her notes to Plame. Miller has said she also discussed Plame with other officials but could not recall their names. But she did not write an article about the matter.'

The Times has given Libby a 'redacted copy of the notebooks,' but his attorney, William Jeffress, argued that Libby needed to see other names and phone numbers in Miller's notebooks to find out who else discussed Plame with her.

Jeffress plans to call six journalists to testify at the trial, with each expected to testify that during their conversations with Libby about Wilson in 2003, he never mentioned Plame's name, according to the Post.


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