13 November 2006

Judith Miller Testifies in Israeli 'Torture' Case

Judith Miller Testifies in Israeli 'Torture' Case:

During the Salah interrogation, Miller said, 'I studied him closely because I was very concerned that he had been tortured.' Instead, she said, Salah was 'very conversational,' and often giving lengthy answers and talking about 'distributing money to people preparing military operations in the West Bank.'

On cross-examination, attorney Deutsch suggested repeatedly that Miller had a bias towards Israel and her sources in Israeli intelligence. 'I consider myself a friend of some Israelis,' Miller said. 'I don't consider myself a friend of Israel.'

She declined to comment to E&P following her testimony.

'Have you ever acted as a 'asset' of Mossad? 'Deutsch asked, referring to the Isareli spy agency.

'No sir,' Miller said, with a soft chuckle.


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