29 April 2006

Judge Who Jailed Judy Miller Says He Made Right Call

Judge Who Jailed Judy Miller Says He Made Right Call:

And, of course, Judith Miller is a Cunt agrees.

'Miller wasn't an innocent bystander, Hogan said. 'She was an actor in the commission of a crime,' he said. 'She was part of the transfer of information that was a crime.'

19 April 2006

Judith Miller: Bush sycophant and greasy government toady, meet a REAL journalist: Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson was a patriot with a deep and abiding love for his country and its people. While he firmly believed in the essential goodness and wisdom of its people, he was often critical of those in government who wield power. He felt strongly that the role of a free press was to stand as sentinel, ready to sound the alarm when government overstepped its bounds. In Jack Anderson’s view, a journalist’s sacred duty was to criticize government when appropriate in the hope that it might do better. The press was certainly never intended to serve as the government’s handmaiden. As Mr. Anderson explained regarding his reporting on the Nixon Administration: “I have always published what I thought the American people ought to know.… Occasionally the decisions have been agonizing ones. But usually, when something has come across my desk classified as a national security secret, it has involved the misdeeds and manipulations of people who had abused the public trust, and then had swept the evidence under the secrecy stamp.” Similarly, he wrote about the fundamental precepts he learned from his mentor Drew Pearson who “took pains to inculcate his convictions on the moral objectives of the newspaper column and the just society: to champion the cause of the voiceless instead of the dominant, the dissenter as well as the organization, the helpless against their exploiters, the small enterprise over the octopus, the public’s right to know and control rather than the official’s prerogative to conceal and manipulate.” In short, his views can best be summed up as follows: Ours is a government of the people. The people are the sovereigns; those who work in government are our servants. We the people have the right to know what our servants are doing when they act in our name. In Mr. Anderson’s view, this bedrock principle could not be otherwise; for, as he emphasized repeatedly: “The stakes are too high in a democracy where everything rests on an informed people.”

18 April 2006

Judith Miller in Lover's Spat with Scooter Libby

Media Lawyers Oppose Libby Subpoenas:

"Lawyers for Miller said Libby is improperly seeking access to her telephone records and calendar _ 'personal and sensitive professional references' that are completely unrelated to Libby or the CIA leak case."

13 April 2006

Judith Miller's Stench Still Reeking at the New York Times, Despite efforts to fumigate...

Keller of 'NYT' Wants to Turn the Page on Judith Miller Saga (Again)

On the attempt to distance itself from 'the Tokyo Rose of the Bush-Cheney War Axis or the Typhoid Mary of the New York Times newsroom.'

11 April 2006

Thomas Jefferson: On Reading Judith Miller

I never realized that Judith is that old...

Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day...the man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them; inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

- Thomas Jefferson, 1807

08 April 2006

Miller Invited to View Torture of Terror Suspect in 1993 by Israel > More court time for Miller in Chicago

ABC7Chicago.com: Terror suspect alleges feds in Chicago covering up torture evidence:

"Oh, staff, pack my Luis Vuitton, I'm off to Chicago..."

Salah's lawyers claim the court is aware of the material and that prosecutors are engaged in a 'dishonest obstruction of justice,' that the court and prosecutors are constantly 'consulting with each other so that certain evidence remain secret, which leaves the defense in the dark..'

Salah's lawyers are now injecting controversial former New York Times reporter Judith Miller into the case, saying that in 1993 Israeli officials allowed her to witness the Salah interrogation, and therefore, the governments cannot claim material from what she witnessed is now suddenly classified.

Salah's lawyers want access to Israeli documents that would explain why Judith Miller was allowed to witness the Salah interrogation and even participate in it, playing the good cop as Israeli authorities played bad cop.

It is not the first time Miller is in the middle of a courtroom firestorm. Last year Miller served jail time for contempt of court after refusing to disclose her sources in the White House leaks case.

Maureen Dowd: Bush Should 'Fire Himself' For Libby/Miller Leak

Maureen Dowd: Bush Should 'Fire Himself' For Libby/Miller Leak:

Maureen Dowd with a fresh look at our favorite neocon leakstress/cunt:

The Bushies once more showed incompetence by creating this elaborate daisy-chain leak and giving it to the one person in journalism who had been roped off from writing about the prewar intelligence, while her editors sorted out problems with her past W.M.D. coverage. ...

If the administration were seriously trying to declassify something in the national interest, wouldn't it have President Bush explain his decision or have his Scottish terrier yip it out from the podium, rather than having Scooter whisper it in Judy's ear?

Instead, sounding very Lewis Carroll, the White House claims that when the president leaks something secret, it's not secret anymore. It's the Immaculate Declassification: intelligence is declassified by passing it on to a friendly reporter.

06 April 2006

Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks to Judith Miller

: Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks (04/06/2006):

"Two days after Wilson's op-ed, Libby met with then-New York Times reporter Judith Miller and not only disclosed portions of the NIE, but also Plame's CIA employment and potential role in her husband's trip.

Regarding that meeting, Libby 'testified that he was specifically authorized in advance... to disclose the key judgments of the classified NIE to Miller' because Vice President Cheney believed it to be 'very important' to do so, the court papers filed Wednesday said. The New York Sun reported the court filing on its Web site early Thursday.

Libby 'further testified that he at first advised the Vice President that he could not have this conversation with reporter Miller because of the classified nature of the NIE,' the court papers said. Libby 'testified that the Vice President had advised [Libby] that the President had authorized [Libby] to disclose relevant portions of the NIE.'"